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Welcome to Heart & Willow Beauty

PRE-COVID we were a boutique store at The Entrance, adjusting with the times our physical store has closed down and our online store has picked up (just) we THANKYOU for your support and have now collaborated with a stunning ethical fashion brand in Cambodia to bring you gorgeous linen masks to keep us safe during this time. For every mask purchased a mask is given to someone in the Cambodian community in need.  

AND the book? This is a book I co-authored with 18 other woman around the globe. There is a real release and healing when you speak to your younger self. This book is a collaboration of 18 letters we as woman have written back to our younger self. We hope you find inspiration through it. 

It's a skill. To love yourself. To be happy. To be kind to yourself. It truly is a skill, like a muscle. It needs to be trained on and worked on daily.

Whilst we find our new normal in this time we will add more self love books to guide you along the way. 

With Self Love books for the inside. And Empowerment Program for community, love, support and a cheer squad. We will pick you up, dust you off and love you till you learn to love yourself.

Welcome Heart and Willow Beauty. We've got you 💖